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Thai Citric Acid Co.,Ltd. manufactures and markets citric acid which is the substance
that could be found in around fruit like citrous, orange pineapple, etc. Citric acid is
widely used in various industries such as food and beverage, medicine and cosmetic.

At present citric acid is an essential comtiment in food processing and food
preservation due to the unique quality of water soluble. The company has received
the certification from TISL, Thai FDA, Kosher, Halal GMP and HACCP.

In addition to the
role of supplying citricacid, which is available in 2 forms, ie.,monohydrate and
anhydrate to the Thai industry under the "Diamond" trademark,


The Company also takes part in promoting the country agricultural
sector by sharing the demand of tapioca which is the main raw
material in citric acid manufacturing.

As a result the demand of tapioca is stabilized and the farmers can
sell their product at more reasonable price. With the continuing and
well developed technology and manufacturing standard .
The Company has planned to expand the overseas market further.

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